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Country: Greece

City: Athens

Address: 27o χλμ Αθηνών - Σουνίου 27nd klm Athinon - Souniou - Varkiza, 166 72

Phone number: +30 21 0965 3563


#islandclub #summer #cocktails #seaside
#islandclub #summer #cocktails #seaside
Favourite corner
Favourite corner
#islandclub #summersenses #zante #zakynthosisland #zantes...
#islandclub #summersenses #zante #zakynthosisland #zantes...
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#islandsenses #followyourheart
Island Saturdays #zakynthos #zante_greece #zakynthosisland
Island Saturdays #zakynthos #zante_greece #zakynthosisland


An amazing place for date night!
Finding places to eat is easy in Athens. Finding places to eat with a view is more rare. But finding the trifecta with a place to eat, enjoy the view and have a fantastic night out is unique!
Island is the place everyone dreams of. Great food, friendly staff, colorful drinks and dancing music all types of people can enjoy and dance to.
If you come earlier, you will admire a wonderful sunset and if you stay late, have a drink after your dinner and dance until the sun rises again.
Though the place is a bit pricey, you will definitely not regret it.
Review by 706MarioB


We went for the club and it was a very pleasant experience. The atmosphere was chill and there was a nice breeze from the sea. The music was good but I wish they had played some Greek music as well. I will go back for food because the restaurant looked great.
Review by Lou D


Went there last night. I gotta give it to them the place is beautiful and its location is just great. Didnt try the food but the cocktails were overall good.

Apart from these things the rest was pretty much a joke to me. Me and a friend payed 20euros each to enter. A drink was included in that price but i had to pay extra for a cocktail. Basically 20euro entrance + 5euro for a cocktail (25 total) which by the way was made from some amateur bartender. The drink itself wasnt bad but by no means was it made by a proffessional barista, which i would expect if you are charging me this ridiculous amount. Important to note here that we werent served neither water nor snacks/nuts etc, which is pretty standard for ever bar in Greece. Its just ridiculously overpriced for what they offer.

Furthermore me and my friend were sitting on some stools on the bar. Then one of the people in charge came and asked us to give him the stools because we werent allowed to have em. Apparently only people with reservations were allowed stools, which was another huge wtf moment. All in all the place is terribly overpriced for what they offer. No professionalism what so ever, just a great location which saved the night for us.
Review by Frederic A


An amazing restaurant that turns into a club. A perfect concept to make it an easy night out with friends or a date. Food and drinks will surely not disappoint. We stayed there till 4am. Beyond the expectations!
Review by Sofi C


Amazing place for dinner & clubbing. Offers a fantastic view to the sea. Beautiful location. Very friendly service. Make sure you have a resevation. Opens at 9 pm. Recommended time for a table for dinner: 10.30 pm. All open air. Planked included.
Review by Ruggy J.


This is my favorite club. It is located on the Athenian Riviera and offers great sea views. You will go there the evening by car or taxi. I suggest that you make a reservation earlier. Ask the bartender to make you a cocktail containing mastic.
Review by Stelios B


Last year we had our daughter’s wedding there. Fantastic time, great food, beautiful venue and a fairytale event.
Review by DrThomas Adams


The worst bar i have ever been it was dirty and messy, the drinks was good but the shisha was so bad that caused me headache. The music was very old and the decoration with the lights extremely bad. Don’t even think about going there.
Review by Mariam Korashi


I went with my friends, we ordered 2 Sheesha and some drinks, meanwhile some people were dancing and we joined them too. After 10 minutes, the staff came to us and said to get out. Telling us that they are closing and they don't have time to make 2 sheesha, even though it was just 12 and they close at 4am. They only told us to go out while others were still dancing. I found this very racist and disrespectful behavior by staff!
Review by Kimi Jussila


Shisha bad quality. Drinks are ok and the staff also… just good to have a good time with the best music. I recommend to not
Order a shisha they don’t even take care of.
Review by Anonymous person



Island is a landmark. For more than 20 years, it is the most popular destination of the Athens Riviera for those who stand for quality and style.

Today, Island, the emblematic place of the Athens Riviera, which is literally scrambled up the rock, offers a refreshing escape, from the warm summer evenings in Athens.

Frozen cocktails by experienced mixologists, lounge music and dance parties, visitors from around the world, all come together to create the ideal atmosphere, every day of the week, till the end of summer.
Island can welcome “through the sea” visitors and yacht tenders, through the specially shaped platform. Visitors discover that our blessed city has an amazing sea, similar to that of the Greek islands.

Island is the club for which the international press has repeatedly referred to on the stories about Greece, and famous international visitors walk through its paths every summer.
Nowhere else, but here.

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