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Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Alt-Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +493091909891


I was in insomnia after a long time not there. The place is beautiful as before and they added also another area in the ground floor. The service is always nice and well done. I just only find the atmosphere less kinky respect of the past. Less selection on the door, much more aged customers, lot of single men searching for easy sex. I will maybe come back in the future. Maybe was only a not lucky night for me and my partner.
Review by Anonymous person


I have visited the party probably for a club birthday few months ago. The show was interesting. There was strict dress code at the entrance. But later in a couple of hours I noticed just normally dressed people on the dancefloor. I have seen some good and Interesting things at first, then got bored. The place was overcrowded for me. I think it is a good idea to control the maximum amount of people in the club.
Review by Oleg Abrazhaev


Very nice Show. Crazy Techno music. the Bar guy was doing magic tricks all the time at the bar. Never saw such professional bar guy in reality. Also the Caucasus bouncer was very friendly and intelligent and explained to me everything and greeted my lady with a lot of respect. I was shocked in a very good way by visiting this club. Looking forward for the second time.
Review by Jan Olefson


Perfect experience. Very clean and hygienic Club with a strict dress-code. Also very friendly international crew you got down there which i find it very important. Special thanks to Atlas who is not an idiot unlike most bouncers and uses intelligence and very friendly behavior at his job. Definitely gonna visit again. Thank you Insomnia.... Thank you Berlin.
Review by Anonymous person


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