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Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +493057702270


Good club, got there at 2 am on a Saturday night and there was no queue. In general, was a nice crowd, music very poppy, we were prepared for that though. Loved that you can dance in a spacious main room, where smoking is not allowed.
Review by Hilary Gallagher


A very historical and alternative space within a diverse environment of Berlin. People from all backgrounds can be spotted and the feel and ambience is very inviting for young people. I attended a drag show here and it was really nice experience. If you are in Berlin and interested in cool stuff, this is the place to be.
Review by Sohaib Bodla


Fantastic atmosphere. I was for the first time in club like this and I fell in love. Party in Britney Spears style had a very good music. I hope I will be back soon.
Review by Justyna Komuda


I had an Amazing time at Schwuz and I must say I never felt so free before, this Club is full of Positivity, the people are super friendly and There is even 3 Dance floor!
Oh and by the way, If you dress in Drag you get a free entrance!!!
1: 80s
2. Techno
3. Main Stage: Pop/Charts
There is even a dark room but besides that this Club is I must say one of my favourite!
Review by Patrick Krämer


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