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Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Raumerstraße 17A, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +493040504505


Very good bar. But it was packed and we had to sit at the bar again. But with a reservation this place can be very fun. They hav the biggest variety of cocktails, a cocktail for each zodiac sign. And they serve a preorder chocolate fountain.
Really nice place. But full and quite expensive.
Review by Rüdiger Horst


If you're looking for a different experience with friends in Berlin then I guarantee you will have an amazing night here. Oliver was the best host you could possibly imagine and you can genuinely believe his passion throughout the night. I promise, if you enjoy cocktails, you will not regret having an evening here
Review by David Webb


Cozy and quiet on a weekday, but on weekends it can be very crowded and hard to find a spot. I would recommend calling ahead to reserve. They had a nice variety of cocktails (I had the watermelon man and would definitely recommend), and the prices were fair. Service was also good. Smoking is permitted inside.
Review by Melissa Morrow


Best Bar I have ever been to, great atmosphere, nice music, the beer is okay, but you come here for the cocktails. The single best spicy bloody mary I ever had. Also nice snacks and if you reserve up front you can get a chocolate fountain.
Review by Jonas Bar


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