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Madame Moustache

/ Madame Moustache
Madame Moustache


Country: Belgium

City: Brussel

Address: Quai au Bois à Brûler 5/7, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Phone number: +32489739912


If you're not looking for a techno or electro club lady moustache is the right address. They play most famous songs to sing to all night long. The barkeeper was super friendly and accommodating. Can definetly recommend!
Review by Helena Schneider


The new concept, where madame moustache is an outside bar, with a dj playing music outside, is not the nicest venue to enjoy this style in BRU. Not that I wouldnt recoomend it, but there are better places out there, then the current setup.
Hopefully,  soon, it will become a normaal bar again.
Review by Hans van den broeck


Nice place for drinks and dance. Special themes every time. Entry maybe free or upto 10€ per person. You can keep your jackets away safely, while you grab a drink and dance with your  friends. Good people in the crowd, dancing merrily. This place has good collection of beers. Cocktail menu is the usual. Overall, a good experience!
Review by Anonymous person


Old style interior design with high ceilings and wood decorations. The "main" stage is small and also the dancing/standing area in front of it. It's a small size venue but with an underground atmosphere. There are some additional spaces for sitting down privately, a bar and even a group photo taking machine like in the old days. Active hours seems to start at midnight and forward. It's is a live music venue. Enjoy.
Review by Anonymous person


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