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Country: Belgium

City: Brussel

Address: Bd Anspach 79, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Phone number: +3225520481


Bad place to go out. The security guy was unprofessional, he said that we could only enter if we brought girls. Our friends were inside, so he made us call them. As we were entering, he stopped us to condescendingly remind us that he's 'in charge'.
Inside, it was way too crowded and very small.
They should genuinely worry about the maximum capacity, as something really bad could happen.
Review by Adrian Nordstrom


Unprofessional and arrogant bodyguard. Went their with my two sisters, we just get in and he did not let my younger one supposingly because she was minor. When I laughed and said that she was 19 he refused to look at her ID card and another bodyguard came saying that it's their bar and they can do whatever they wanted so today the entry age was 22!!! If I could I'll gave zero star!!!
Review by Rungapen Daren


Best bar at Brussels. If you want to meet new people this is the place. They have everything you want. Karaoke yes! Dance bar Yes! At the first floor. I spent nice evening at this place. This is a must visit bar at Brussels. Note: please have your ID card with you. They ask your ID at the entrance.
Review by Prajwal Patel


I had my most memorable night there one evening in May 2019. Went there with my friends based on a super spontaneous decision. Had no idea what to expect before we got there. We were pretty tipsy that time but got really excited when we saw the engaged crowd. We sang Backstreet Boys on the stage and the crowd was singing with us!!!! It was really really fun!!!!
Review by Nicole Bitas


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