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Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Hovedvagtsgade 8, 1103 Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number: +4570702999


The racism there is so flagrant. I was refused entrance, saying that I was not on the guest list while the white people who came before or after me in the queue were let in no questions asked. If you're black, the only way to get in is to accompany your white friends
Review by Sandra Hilaire-Madsen


I've been here a few times with friends and haven't experienced the racism mentioned in some parts. But it is a super small club, and gets so crowded you can hardly move or dance. This club is mostly about being seen with money and gold diggers galore! Not necessarily a place you'd go just to have a good night. But if you like to be seen with the rich crowd.... This is where you'll want to be.
Review by Anonymous person


The best club in the city! We are from London and went to 5 Copenhagen clubs and Lusso is the coolest crowd and best best music! Dj is the best
Review by Rita Kokhna


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