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Karaoke Nightclub Swengi

/ Karaoke Nightclub Swengi
Karaoke Nightclub Swengi


Country: Finland

City: Helsinki

Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 10, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

Phone number: +358962280180


We call it a ”ruotsinlaivasimulaattori” as it feels like you are on a cruise to Stockholm. The decor has been the same since the beginning of time, lots of led light and tacky details. Fun with good friends, but not a place I like to visit. Drinks are affordable, but stick with the basics and dont try the drinks - they just arent good. Avg. age is around 20.
Review by Milla Varajärvi


Great place, friendly staff, good karaoke list. I highly recommend this place!
Review by Vasilii Morozov


Poket was nice, it was great to sing on stage and it turned out that there weren't many singers. The wide selection of songs was the best. Salmari really tastes like salmiak. 1 star left because if the song had been asked to be lowered, the song would have gone quite unstable. I guess this didn't apply to CDG songs (or if it was, others were DVDs). Anyway, this was really uncomfortable and weird. First, I will find out what is the cause of the dullness ...
Review by Tiina Keskisimonen


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