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Bearbie Madrid

/ Bearbie Madrid
Bearbie Madrid


Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: Pl. de Pedro Zerolo, 2, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34620812537


It's pretty fun. The clientele includes bears but it's not limited to bears. There is a good variety and I find that the guys here are a bit nicer than other clubs. This is one of the cheaper clubs as well with an offer of 2 drinks for 12 (entrance).
Review by Parker Jones


I love this place. Pop music local and international on the ground floor, mouse music at the basement. Happy hairy crowd that dance and flirt. One of my favourites during BearWeek.
Review by Vasilis Kigkos


American Point of View : Keep an open mind. - España es diferente!
01) If you can remember clubbing circa 2005 blended with enjoying today’s music; #Enjoy yourself to the maximum. #enserio
02) Economy class: Expect to spend money! You only live once or twice.
03) Business class: Expect typical club behaviour from the past with a “new millennium” #twist; No pasa nada - More time is not needed after 3 hours. #ifyouhavetoaskyoucannotaffordit #Worththecost
04) Migrate - Carry On: The experience was delightful. Enjoy the moment & carry on to enjoy all of what Madrid has to offer.
05) Digging the clear nighttime skies of Madrid is Priceless.
Review by Mark Foster


A disco - two environments. On Saturdays they open the two floors like the one below which is recently renovated for house music lovers. The room above seems little abandoned, it has been safe since the 80's without changing the interior is for the oldest and lovers is Pop music and always peta. This club has its usual clients for decades. The average age is 35-40 but or they are all roll Bear (bear) that the name of the bird can confuse. Very friendly staff and the service is very good.
Review by Ivan Blanco


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