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Rashomon ~ Bar & Club

/ Rashomon ~ Bar & Club
Rashomon ~ Bar & Club


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via degli Argonauti, 16, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +393917307386


It was a very nice place, they will check you out in the entrance and if you not fit in the atmposphere and style , you will be denied access. But many clubs do that. If you are a tourist and you are from around Europe this is the most European nitghlife-like club you will get in Rome, if not the only one. Is kinda small and with a beautiful garden that is good if you want to smoke or get some air away from the crowd for a minute. If you do not know or you are not into this clubs do not go, you always pay for the entrance an extra fee and always need to have a certain casual style to enter these clubs  - do not show up with a costume or a gown - so i don understand the bad reviews saying about this. I really loved it, it was very good for Rome. It is not very extra as most clubs in Europe ( Berlin Amsterdam etc ) but it is very good for Rome. Just if you are not into this kind of style and music do not go. The sound system was okay.
Review by Anastasia Sofia Tsangaridou


Superb experience! Friendly staff, great music, young crowd but very easy & respectful, which makes a change!
Grazie mille ragazzi! Abbiamo passato un momento stupendo!
I highly recommend Rashomon when in Rome!
Review by Julien Scavetta


Very nice location, nice staff and nice music.
The only big flaw is the volume, before 2:00 all great, but from 3:00 onwards it was not possible to stay inside for more than 30 minutes, it has been 2 days since we went and I still have ear discomfort with a constant whistling, even though we are used to dance techno in big clubs.
I recommend lowering the volume because it is definitely not up to standard.
The place is small and rumbles, making the sound dirty and absolutely not pleasant but annoying.
It is not necessary to keep the volume so high except to avoid damaging the hearing of customers!
I'll see who I can report this to to see if the decibels meet the standards.
Review by Diletta D'Adamo


Without doubt among the best clubs in the capital, always attentive to the times, a place between the elegant and the youthful with a nice outdoor patio accompanied by an event room for concerts and a bar where you can enjoy drinks at not low but normal prices for what is the local and also considering that sometimes in some events the entrance is free. Definitely a very cool place (and not too snobbish like some neighbors who put too many conditions at the entrance such as being necessarily accompanied by women etc.
Review by Carlo D'ascenzi


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