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Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Näckströmsgatan 8, Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +46 8 566 322 00


Thank you guys! It was amazing! The best show ever!
Thank you guys! It was amazing! The best show ever!
#EllaMai @berns ????✌️<br>
#EllaMai @berns ????✌️
NYE in Stockholm ????????
NYE in Stockholm ????????
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
W o w - Now Maryse Condé will finally get her Literature ...
W o w - Now Maryse Condé will finally get her Literature ...
My monday was filled with eargasms. How was yours? ??????...
My monday was filled with eargasms. How was yours? ??????...


Great Club, great music, nice people, nice beer (bulldog) on tap.
Better be early since after 22:00 the queue just gets longer. Probably one of the most stylish clubs I have seen with its chandeliers and decoration from the 1800ies.
Review by Sveenz


Went to Berns nightclub last night expecting to hear great music since my fav DJs were booked to spin. The door guys/security personnel were not pleasant at all and they were clearly not letting black men in, especially dark skin males. Was expecting a lot more from a club in Stockholm 2018. Racist behavior is never ok!
Review by Hanna H


Yesterday I went to Berns because of the parties they are doing during the pride.
Me and my friend arrived to the entrance and first had to explain the guy why we were there and what we wanted to do there (dont really what he was thinking we wanted to do) not a good start.
The place was really nice, nice music, nice ambient, a lot of people having fun...

But then, as it was late and we were drinking alcohol, we decided to go out for a bit (it took 30min) and eat something. You know, so you feel better, you dont get drunk and that. And when we came back the guy in a snooty and rude way told us we could not get in after going out. I asked him why we could not do that, he kept repeating the same thing, and then i saw how without hesitations, let 3 guys in. Three guys that were inside next to us before. And then, I met a friend going to another place and he told me he could go out and in also.

Not comming back, dont need to spend money in places with this staff.
Review by Alelpq


After years hearing people talk about Berns it was finally time for me to take a peak and I tell you I was not disspointed!  

Berns is beautifully located close to strandvägen and has waterfront, a short walking distance from the best nightclubs in Sthlm (see my review of Soap Bar, Solidaritet). The building was finished 1863 and can hold up to 1200 people and thay have enough dancefloors for everyone!
The moment I walked in to the "Stora Salongen" my mind went back to Vegas, this is the closest thing you can come to a big exclusive club as the ones in the US! They have everything I expect from a great club, a cool lightshow for you to go crazy at and enough dancefloors for everyone! Along the sides you have enough bars for an army and they have a big terrace were you  can mingel or cool yourself of after hours of shufflin!
The building itself is beautiful and the "Stora Salongen" reminds you of a royalpalace!

I will be going here again and it's defiently the place to end the night out at!

Review by Christoffer F.


Came here on vacation with my American friend and two swedes. They played surprisingly pretty good music and everything was very danceable! The cover is very expensive (probably because I'm use to not paying cover in the USA) and I heard the drinks are pretty pricey too. I didn't care as I don't drink and just spent hours dancing by the stage. My friend left to use the bathroom but apparently it's very hard to find and a security guard didn't direct her to it properly so she just peed over a grate on the floor inside the club lol so gross but maybe they should make restroom signs visible so she doesn't have to pee on floor.
Review by Yvonne L.


Visited Berns as part of my company's Christmas do. The setting is absolutely stunning, with a massive chandelier-adorned, italianate ballroom, faithfully held in the original style of the pictoresque building. The logistics of accommodating the large crowd worked great, and food was delivered swift and fast.
The first dissappointment was the entré, which consisted of hours-old salmon with a horrible mayonnaise-ish topping. The main course was a sinewy steak that appeared boiled instead of grilled, and finally desert: an acceptable yet uninspired panna cotta. All delivered by unemotive, glassy-eyed and absolutely uncommunicative waiters and waitresses, totally oblivious to the needs and wishes of their guests.

When the party and dance started, and the bar opened, the service policy was yet again demonstrated - with a vengance. Slow, snooty and arrogant service, without any of the sense of good humor and leniency that separates good bartending from the frustrating and unsatisfying kind. Add to this exorbitant prices. What a combo!

At the same time uniformed bouncers appeared at the entrance. Now, I'm used to the notoriously aggressive and arrogant bouncers of the Stockholm night life, but these guys really take the price. What sat them apart was the openly hostile demeanor, and very physical interaction with the guests. As the night went by we witnessed, with growing disbelief, colleagues being randomly kicked out for no apparent reason. At one point I was stopped on my way in, after having used the restrooms, shoved against a wall and entry stamped on the back of my hand, by a gaunt and apparently mute bouncer. Some half hour later it was my turn to be kicked out, without any word of explanation. Only my insistance on talking to the smug manager made it possible for me to overturn the verdict, and re-enter to say goodnight to my colleagues.

All in all an outrageous end to an in most aspects very disappointing evening on Berns Salonger. I can certainly say that I will never on my own accord revisit the place, nor can I recommend anyone to do so. I have no doubt that most Swedes, used to the incredibly bad service standards of the Stockholm night life (in stark contrast to the cordial service you will meet in almost all stores, hotels and restaurants), will not recognize my experience. But to any traveller or tourist accustomed to normal levels of politeness and civilty in clubs and bars, it would seem an imprudent choice to visit this venue if a good first impression of Stockholm by Night is the goal.
Review by Andreas G


Beautiful venue and nice place to party. Incredible ceiling and nice light show. We was there for new years eve and our visit was worth it. There are two dance areas with different music and one more as lounge area but also with music. Nice view from balcony. 24 years old was minimum age - nice to be in the place with adults.
One minpoint - not enough bars do buy drinks and drink prices.
Review by Monika Kolodziejczyk


Amazing place! Nice mix of old decor and modern concert lighting. Perfect room acoustics.
Review by Петя Кравченко



This Terrence Conrad-designed eatery, theatre, hotel, and club complex has been going in one form or another since 1863. Luminaries such as Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, and Josephine Baker have entertained the crowds and these days you can catch anyone from Arcade Fire to Swedish artists, such as the much-anticipated comeback performance of Leila K in the summer of 2016.

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