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Debaser Hornstulls Strand

/ Debaser Hornstulls Strand
Debaser Hornstulls Strand


Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Hornstulls strand 4, 117 39 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +4686586350


I was here with my friend (me in a wheelchair and he visually impaired) and the staff was so helpful and caring! No stairs, a ramp indoors between two levels and a spacious restroom available. Highly recommend!
Review by Tom Drums


This is a truly great venue for seeing bands before they get too big, where they can feel the crowd's energy and give it back 110% in their music. Nice bar with plenty to offer before and during shows, a coat check room for the cooler months and lounge area for catching up with friends during those opening acts that aren't your cup of tea.
Review by Daniel Morgan


As one of the few still standing live venues within the city limits, you must love what it is - even though it might be merely a taste of the Debaser Stockholm legacy. Whenever you're in for beer and band, see what's on here. You might be both surprised and impressed.
Review by Joakim Troëng


Nice music bar with decent decoration. It's pretty small so don't expect huge shows but it really serve the purpose. For a small fee you can leave your clothes in cloakroom. Beer costs around 60kr which is around 6€. Drinks are more expensive but overal prices are pretty much average for Stockholm. People and employees were really nice.
Review by Michal Blaško


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