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Laif Restoran & Karaoke Klubi

/ Laif Restoran & Karaoke Klubi
Laif Restoran & Karaoke Klubi


Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Lai 5, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +3726161188


A lot of drinks, private karaoke rooms and nice lounges that invites you to hangout with friends. Only the way to the restroom is maybe a bit long, on the other side, some sport do you no harm. While going to the toilet it is like you enter a whole new universe as you might feel like standing in an old library. Not recommended to people who can't walk stairs.
Strictly forbidden to take pictures.
Review by Christian Friedli


Serving perfect salmon with roasted vegetables and some kind of really taste beers ))
It loсates in a centre of the old Tallinn which makes it a really good place for lunch
Review by Kostiantyn Okhrimenko


A cozy place in a quiet part of the Old Town, a high level of restaurant, nice staff, good service and good drinks. In the afternoon, a relaxed atmosphere for business meetings or a delicious lunch, in the evening you can just skip the cocktail party and relax in the company of friends. On weekends karaoke and parties, face-control and public filter for safety. Well-chosen lighting design and excellent music create an atmosphere of comfort, high-quality karaoke in individual rooms, which makes it possible to choose between privacy or party. With all this, the atmosphere of a medieval castle is preserved and you can sit at tables on the street and enjoy the view of the Old Town.
Review by Jukkas Trade


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