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SAUNd music bar

/ SAUNd music bar
SAUNd music bar


Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Sauna 10, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +37256254005


The interior design isn't for everybody but the service definitely is.
While the fact that a beer in vanalinn has become a 5 euro endeavor is disheartening, I can't put it on SAUNd's shoulder, Tallinn simply isn't what it was on the cheap beer front. So instead of beer, I would highly suggest having a cocktail there. They know how to do it. You should definitely try their white russian with heavy cream, the coffee beans they add with the cocktail makes it exquisite.
The service is great, the barmen are caring but not too overbearing, friendly but not annoying. It's a great place to land for a few drinks. But only a few, the seating isn't comfortable at all. It feels like a place trying to decide between being a club or a cocktail bar. I would really suggest them to veer into the cocktail bar side of things with the staff they have.
Review by Ain-Joonas Toose


Neat place, superb service, nice volume level (not to break your ears) and pricing on right spot. Highly recommended, please make this please live long!
Review by Henrik Frisk


Its nice cozy bar, a lot of live music events. Choice of beer is quite narrow and expensive but it isnt a bar for beer anyway more like a cocktail bar.
Review by Lumesahk Talv


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