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Gatsby Barcelona

/ Gatsby Barcelona
Gatsby Barcelona


Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 19, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Phone number: +34937004453


Honestly, nice place to go out, the Dj is very good and the barman's service inside the Gatsby club. Was there in japanese restaurant the other day and I really like the food, definitely worth to go, interior is nice and music is also pleasant. But, only one thing what I didn't like is that the waiters inside the japanese restaurant were like discussing between eachother and were super strange while serving us. I think they should be more cordinated, and just to be 1 waiter for a table, not 3 because they confuse first them and then clients. Show is very nice too with all the special effects and dance!
Review by Andrea Pelivan

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So great, I has been here for a private birthday party. The show is two hours long and the entratenement has been captivating. We eat very much nad it was good for beeing in a kind of disco. The place was very crowd but we has felt secure and had a lot of fun.
Review by Max Martinuzzi

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So I booked a table for my boyfriend's birthday and planned the whole evening. THEN I read all the comments and got worried that it might turn out terrible! But. It was just incredible. We were seated in maybe 10 min. We were offered premium and the standard tables. The waiters were very attentive and friendly. We got the "degustacion menu" (50€/person) and some drinks (actually cheaper than we expected). The food was really good! The performances were amazing. They built the energy slowly with the music, as from around 12.00am the restaurant converted into a club (which we were informed at the start). It was a really great night out and hope others will experience the same as we did. Remember to dress up as they advise in the confirmation email (we've noticed that people who didn't were put into slightly worse-view tablets).
Review by Justyna Kowalik

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Food is not the greatest on earth but is pretty good for a night out, prices are on the higher side but worth it for the show and the ambience a good place for a group of people and also a couple.
Review by Neih Chu

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