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Tabu Bar Tabledance Club

/ Tabu Bar Tabledance Club
Tabu Bar Tabledance Club


Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Bismarckstraße 90 U-Bhf Deutsche Oper, 10627 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +491723858879


I had my birthday bash and rented this club from 5pm to 11pm. Everything was well organized und staff are friendly & efficient.
Review by Anonymous person


Like this good girls, helpful manager, girls very difference for every body, every body can find someome for them like. Recommend.
Review by Natalia Klasa


In the eighties it was still a disco and was called "SPACE".
We had our school celebrations there.
Buddy dragged me to the Motown party the other day.
Great music, great staff and great guests.
Seemed 35 years younger to me.
Not much has changed in the facility.
I thought it was very, very cool. Many Thanks.
Review by Michael Urtel


A slightly different concept. Nobody is intrusive and the waitress does not speak to you every 5 minutes whether you want to have a drink. The prices are okay too, at least as far as entry and drinks are concerned. Great ambience.
Review by Anonymous person


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