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Kornhauskeller Bar

/ Kornhauskeller Bar
Kornhauskeller Bar


Country: Switzerland

City: Bern

Address: Kornhauspl. 18, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

Phone number: +41313277272


I loved the bar, the drinks, the starters and service. To be honest the main dish was quite simple for the price. I highly recommended for drinks, to get some aperitiv but not to eat beef.
Review by Janet Gastélum


The atmosphere is fantastic and the drinks were pricey but delicious. The menu was limited mostly to Swiss specialties and I was underwhelmed with the food. Super cool space is worth a visit at least for a drink if not dinner.
Review by Alicia Fondacaro


Excellent bar, one of my favourite in Berne. Really nice period decor, classy atmosphere and attentive service. Great spot for a cocktail or two.
Review by Henry Evans


Very nice atmosphere.
Ancient Corn House, the main attraction is the huge golden barrel you can see from my pictures. They serve alcohol, drinks and there's a restaurant too but I haven't tried it yet.
Review by Anonymous person


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