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Club Up


Country: Nederland

City: Amsterdam

Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26-1, 1017 RC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone number: +31206236985


Went when riddims w/sticky situation were there and it was an awesome night. We were let in straight away without any hassle at all. The staff were really friendly and having as good a time as everyone else, dancing and singing. Great atmosphere and pretty cheap too our tickets were €10 each and a round of drinks for 4 people was averaging at €18. Was a great night would recommend!!
Review by Holly Marshgreen


For what I'm used to its quite small. We went on a ' house ' night which was in my opinion the same music for hours on end. No vocals and monotone, but thats just my opinion of house.
Nice smoking/sitting area and free toilets. Lockers 2,- and entrance 11,-
I didn't really like it but that could be because of the music.
Review by Anonymous person


Have gone to club up countless times. Its my favorite club i've ever been to in Amsterdam. Really good music (I like techno/tech house nights) Really friendly staff and a good atmosphere. Don't listen to any poor reviews.
Review by Isabel Catherine Travis


One of the "bigger" clubs in Amsterdam with two areas. Cool vibes all around no matter which night you visit the place. The only piece of advice I have, don't wear shoes you love. They serve a lot of stuff in glass which gets and scattered around all the time. Destroys your shoes. Apart from that it's a pretty cool place.
Review by Anonymous person


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