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F6 Cocktailbar

/ F6 Cocktailbar
F6 Cocktailbar


Country: Norway

City: Oslo

Address: Frognerveien 6, 0257 Oslo, Norway

Phone number: +4722555565


Warm hearted bartender. Willing to assist. Helped me recharge my dead cellphone. Despite the cable not immediately fitting he wouldn't give up. Such dedication & determination is rare these days. The establishment is spotlessly clean.
Review by Ben Kidula


Good atmosphere, good staff, good cocktails. However, very crowded in the weekends. They shouldn't let that many people in the premises. In a regular club that's fine, but in a coctailbar that's not the way to go. Cocktails take time and passion to make, and in a crowded bar this is neglected. I'd recommended going to this place before it gets crowded. Overall a nice bar to visit if you are interested in exotic or international drinks. Average prices and good service.
Review by Thomas Assmann


Really good, carefully made cocktails, also with innovative mix. The only problem has been the attitude of the bartender, kinda rude with everyone, no matter nationality, age or genre.
At least, it has been democratic.
Review by Luca Garzia


Great place to spend good time with friends. Interesting cocktails and very delicious. Serving staff fun and with a great sense of humor.
Review by Katarina Brence


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