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Cafe, bar Hedgehog in the fog

/ Cafe, bar Hedgehog in the fog
Cafe, bar Hedgehog in the fog


Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Address: Grēcinieku Street 11A, Center District, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

Phone number: +37120175454


The atmosphere is nice! Cocktails - good! The selection of drinks is big and diverse, also a big plus. Many options of snacks. We took mozzarella sticks and fried bread - pretty good. But! The chicken burger was just ruining the positive impression. Look at the pic. At first we thought it was not even a chicken meat - it was completely dark from outside. But the stuff told us that this was chicken 100%! I decided to cut a piece and realised that this dark layer was nothing but overburnt meat… Is this a way to cook burgers? When you get one, you expect a good, juicy and high quality meat, but not a piece of burnt meat which can’t be chewed. Do not recommend to take a main course here. Snacks and drinks only.
Review by Agnia Tsavkilova


Great cocktails at a great price and cheap beer too! We thought we were only going for one drink but enjoyed the atmosphere enough to stay longer. The waitresses in the beginning were a little standoffish but warmed up after a bit. Everyone was helpful and able to attend in English too!
Review by Sarah Ranfranz


I was damn exhausted after a hectic day. Dropped in at this place for a decent meal. The taste was amazing and service was excellent. The girl working over here was welcoming and rendered a perfect service. Although it's midnight , yet she was working actively and helping the customers get their meal. I surely recommend this place for a healthy and a quick meal.
Review by Abu Sohail ur Rehman


We found this spot on our last night in Riga and it was such great spot. We had several cocktails and some snacks . One of the bartender's there was super nice and made the best cocktails. My husband had the best white Russians he has had in a long time and I tried out the Manhattan, Pina colada and whiskey sour , all delicious. The place was super affordable and had a good atmosphere . Would definitely recommend to anyone going to Riga.
Review by Melisa Kuljancic


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