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Bogema karaoke club

/ Bogema karaoke club
Bogema karaoke club


Country: Belarus

City: Minsk

Address: praspiekt Mašerava 11, Minsk, Belarus

Phone number: +375298508585


Interesting interior design in kind a luxury style. Very friendly and caring staff. Huge list of songs, good sound, comfortable monitors.
Review by Daria Lesko


I like this place so much!!!! Bogema is the best karaoke club in Belarus. Here you feel very comfortable fun relaxed. For everybody recommended. Feel like super star
Review by Anonymous person


First, about the pros:
- good service, polite and friendly staff.
- delicious food, the menu pleased.
That's probably all.
Now about the cons:
- the contingent leaves much to be desired, the atmosphere is not very pleasant because of this (apparently there is no face control).
- no sound ... Of the 6 people present in the company (with and without music education), to put it mildly, not one person liked the sound quality, and besides, there are questions about the work of sound engineers.
- the girl on the backing vocals is attractive, smiling, but she does not seem to hear how she sings, interrupts the performers, does not always hit the notes.
- for a fee, customers can smoke right at the tables, which in itself is disrespectful to other guests, especially non-smokers who have to breathe smoke.
With all this, the prices are incomparable with the quality of the services provided.
My rating is 2 stars, only for the kitchen and the polite attitude of the staff.
The bohemia is no longer what it used to be. After moving to a new place, the institution lost itself.
Review by Marina Mirskaya


We were in "La Bohème" on 22 March. Magnificent restaurant! Great design, friendly service - often came, changed the devices, etc. Delicious cuisine, beef steak - definitely the best.
Definitely worth going!
Review by Maria Graham


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