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Enbabia Infused

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Enbabia Infused


Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: C. de Núñez de Arce, 9, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34617235056


With so many people inviting you to enter, I was hesitant about going in, but nothing shady, just go in and enjoy a drink, but probably not before 12am. Bartenders are extremely nice. Toilets are disaster.
Review by Amjad Ashqar


This place is fantastic! The music, the drinks, the ambience - everything here was just perfect. A special thanks to Amiran for recommending this place, to Felix for his unforgettable cocktails and surely to the DJ who made us dance till the morning! It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Madrid, highly recommended!
Review by Ayten Bayramova


This is by far the best cocktail bar in the city Centre of Madrid - great atmosphere and music, vibrant vibes, attentive and down to earth Bartenders. It is a small but convenient bar where you will feel good and happy alone or with friends. It is the best place to begin your night of bar hopping alone or with friends. I highly recommend Gin Tonic. I enjoyed it. They have high quality Gins. I would definitely go back....Thank you Lisa!
Review by Alexander Pamen


Strongly recommended for those travellers which are fed up with no existing hospitality in Madrid. True gem. Great staff and street promoters. Drinks - well, coming from Londons scenery with a high marginal expectations, this just tops it up. Its a proper speakeasy style place with great twists and infusions. Yes, do not expect .90€ beers and tapas, its a cocktail bar with vibes.
Review by Mantvydas Narusevicius


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