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Rincon Latino Bern

/ Rincon Latino Bern
Rincon Latino Bern


Country: Switzerland

City: Bern

Address: Stauffacherstrasse 73, 3014 Bern, Switzerland

Phone number: +41796241117


A welcoming place ... very kind managers ... I was there yesterday Saturday 5th but few people, tonight I passed around 20 and there was already more movement ... The next week I will definitely go back on the weekend .. Maybe I know interesting people ...
Review by Luca Bergamo


Very friendly service. Nicely decorated. Good assortment. Coffee is ok. Prices too.
Unfortunately mostly always empty or not very busy.
Review by Anonymous person


Usually not my type of music and it's also not the best bar in town (not even close), but the staff is friendly and it's always open.
Review by Svend Nielsen


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