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Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Linnégatan 18, 114 47 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +4684428900


Expensive place. Cocktails are worth trying for the unique presentation. Came so beautifully in different presentation styles. Food was great but came in small portions. Bao was interesting. Giving stars for the uniqueness and presentation.
Review by Richa Thaper


If you are there to eat food it's good, not great but good!
The ambiance is nice! I prefer sitting on the upper floor dining. The basement dining with a DJ, music and sit-dancing while eating is cool. However, talking across the table will be hard, you'll only be able to talk the person next or infront of you.
Personnel are nice and seem to have fun digging to the music while serving.
Music and live entertainment, awesome!
Review by Alan Wain


Super nice place, great for cocktails and dinner. Very much value for money for their “julbord”, more food then expected and quality was very nice. Both the regular and vegetarian was great!
Review by Johan Bruno


Good atmosphere, food was well balanced and tasty. No surprising tastes or ingredients so it would fit most people. Would recommend you to try the 7 course menu and the yuzu sake.
Review by Daniel Älvenstrand


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