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Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Via Molino delle Armi, 16, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +393427976858


My friend and I were visiting Milan and wanted some nice music. We checked Volt site and after reading the reviews we weren’t sure about going, but we give it a try and it was the BEST NIGHT! Since the moment u get there, the people at the door are really nice and friendly, had no issues to get in. And once in the venue, the music and lights are just insane. Will recommend this club for a fun night for sure. Drinks are pricey, but it’s worth the money.
Review by Asmae Bouhout


Very nice club. Costly, however, it worth the price. Crowd is nice, drinks expensive, and music is amazing. Only if you are into house music, it is your place.
Review by Farida Shamoyeva


Good music, quality of the sound, groundbreaking ambient with innovative design and good vibes always.
best club in Milan.
Review by Anonymous person


I give two stars because I had a lot of fun watching the selection dynamics at the entrance between the "bodyguard" (paid to say Yes that become NO) and "the art dAIrector" (which communicates with nods of approval or disapproval to the elusive bodyguard),
Spectacular!!! Obviously impossible to enter without the casual approval of the art dAIrector .... Wonderful, I recommend it !!!
Review by Matteo Bonura


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