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Mojitos Casa de Cuba Bar

/ Mojitos Casa de Cuba Bar
Mojitos Casa de Cuba Bar


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: Totorių g. 11, Vilnius 01121, Litva

Phone number: +37065477575


Great drinks, don’t forget to try mojito there. Best dressed bartender with flowers on head. Nice ventilation. Super DJ and music. Perfect place to go for a drink and dance. Guests there looked decent and not drunk like other places.
Review by Kaupo Lepasepp


Good place to dance and meet people. Has flaming music that enchants you to dance and never stop.
Would recommend going with friends and just want to let loose or going alone and want to find some excitement.
Friendly place for both pear and banana lovers ;), as long as you are looking for a place to dance the night away.
Can't comment on drinks or their pricing. Would recomend looking up online or asking locals.
Review by Oscar Ramos


Great bar to dance Latin music at. Dance area is small and tight, drinks are deliscious and staff is friendly. They serve food but not during day..I'm hoping to try their dishes soon.
Review by Laura Abraškevičiūtė


Nice club. They are a little bit confused with latin culture, decoration of club is based on Cuba but waitress dress like Frida Khalo (Mexico). Some waitress are not so nice... I understand that they may deal with drunk guys everynight but... it's not my fault. A smile is always welcome, moreover if it is a latin club.
Anyway, music is ok, mojitos are ok (few alcohol, almost nothing) and atmosphere in general is good.
Good club, but not outstanding.
Review by Andrés Gallego


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