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Playhouse Gentleman's Club

/ Playhouse Gentleman's Club
Playhouse Gentleman's Club


Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Address: aleja "Solidarności" 82A, 01-003 Warszawa, Poland

Phone number: +48794007000


First of all, place is expansive, 50 zloty enrty per person, and high priced beverages. The top was the hookah, which cost a ridiculous price of 150 zloty (shouldn't be more than 40). The girls are pretty and nice, private dance looks like a lot of fun, all in all not for low cash tourists.
Review by Anonymous person


It was  a quite nice place! Me and my friends went there 2 times in 2 days. Good looking place with nice stage in the middle. Many beautiful girls and ofc some decent. You could notice immediatly the girls who were willing to work. And the other girls who were more passive. They charge 100 PLN for 1 dance for 1 song. The negative thing with this place, is that when you take a private dance. Its just upstairs and you dont even get a private room. Some of the girls were really nice. They took some time to talk to you before trying to convince you to take a dance. And some just asked for a dance immediatly and left if you said no.
But overall the experince there was quite good!
Review by Sharad Nair


I have a great pleasure to met there my favourite girl Ula. We where drinking an Armand all night. She's so beautifull that i couldn't stop talking with her. I am sure that i will come back from Norway with my friends to party at this Club only if Ula will be here. Im an intelectual slave of her majesty. Ula you are the BEST xoxo.
Review by Robert Morris


Playhouse strip club is the best. Reviews said Sxxx is mafia. Hxxxxxr's girls strip for short time, got fewer gals, and lap dance and beer are 50% more expensive. Playhouse's girls are nice, and price is comparatively reasonable. Strip at pole dance nearly last for half of the song. All girls will dance consecutively. Worth revisit.
Review by Anonymous person


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