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TOP Club Riga

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TOP Club Riga


Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Address: Alfrēda Kalniņa Street 4, Center District, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

Phone number: +37122808202


There only a handful of option for gay night life in Riga according to my research and as I had only one night in the town I decided to stop by this club to check out the vibe with my partner and a friend. The place was not too busy when we arrived there around mid night on a Friday. But it got a bit busy slowly. The cocktails were about €10 and they were so sweet ! The entrance fee is €8. The place is not very big and has a small dance floor with a few seating booths around. The music was not the greatest to my taste but the locals seemed to have a great time and everyone was cheerful. One bar attender figured we were new to the place and was nice enough to give us an orientation of the place and introduced the spaces including the two room where “fun” is maximum (didn’t go in there so can’t comment on that) overall the place had a good vibe and if you are in the city and wanna dance and have a good time this would be a good option.
Review by Chamara Wijesinghe


It’s a small bar, the only gay one at this moment. The barman is lovely (and handsome), great music and ok prices for drinks.
Was hoping to find it busier on a Thursday evening but it’s understandable.
Review by Anonymous person


The best place in the Baltics. Very welcoming and nice. People of every sexual orientation, nation, race, gender are welcome. Foreign stars make the atmosphere just fascinating. I love this place! Here you can find whatever you want: drinks have reasonable prices, music is very good, people are fine, and you can even find sex there if you want. So every person can find whatever s/he wants here.
Review by Andrei Zavialov


I visited Top Club on a Saturday night, first and foremost, because I wanted to support the local Riga gay community.  The space is great.  There is a front bar, a chill-out area behind the main bar, and a dance floor in the back.  The coat-check was free and the staff, overall, was friendly and helpful.  Saturday night was "Madonna" night and it did start getting pretty comical after "Come Join the Party" queued for the 11th time.  In fairness they did play a variety of music in the back dance area.  The biggest thing missing from Top Club was people.  After chatting with people online in Riga and hearing them complain repeatedly about the lack of a "gay scene" in Riga, it is no wonder when they stay home on Saturday night and don't support the local bars/clubs.  I hope that Top Club gets to the point where they have a line forming outside to get in (and can do away with the crazy "ring the bell" face control policy to get in...but I do understand that this isn't Los Angeles).  I will definitely go back on my next trip to Riga...hopefully more Riga boys will do the same.
Review by Christopher Wick


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