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The Club Milano

/ The Club Milano
The Club Milano


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 97, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +390236534005


Didn’t really experience the “club vibe” because I only went there for a drink. They had a pretty respectable selection with a lot of really particular combinations, but not all of them actually delivered in satisfying our expectations: there were a few very good drinks and some questionable ones, but that’s subjective. The staff was extremely friendly and efficient (but we were also basically the only customers).
The location is really beautiful.
Overall would recommend but double-check the ingredients of what you’re ordering to avoid surprises.
Review by Matteo Santoro


Very good taste in music inside. The remixes were awesome! The dance floor was packed on a friday night & we partied till the morning.
Review by Anonymous person


Bad music. Reggaeton highly suggested. No one vibe your mixes. I regret, music get better at around 3am. From that point is a 10/10.
Review by Juan Martin Aleaga


It was our first time in italy and this was one of the clubs we kept going back to. It was really fun and the vibe and people were great.
Review by Jose Jasso


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