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Traffic Live Club

/ Traffic Live Club
Traffic Live Club


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via Prenestina, 738, 00155 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +393494500854


A rock place. In every sense. How it wants and should be. Elle mysicalu proposals, too (the Bronze Ballet a few days ago, creepy). Added value: it is close to a pastry shop. Reason why I don't give five stars; the acoustics are not that great.
Review by Susanna Schimperna


Really nice live music venue where you can listen to beautiful live music strictly standing under the stage with an excellent variety of spirits and treats to eat.
Review by Paolo Rinaldi


Exceptional, besides being a nice venue it is impeccably organized. The sound of the concerts is clean. To have a great weekend.
Review by Raffaella Santoli


One of the clubs in Rome that hosts the reality of underground music, ranging from small emerging groups to more established and dated ones. The audio is good, the space is not the best (almost a corridor). The bathrooms could be better, but ultimately they're underground too. Staff courteous and helpful. The parking outside is small but easily found nearby.
Review by Luca De Felice


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