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Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Hammarby Slussväg 2, Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +46 8 644 20 23


So nice pictures from Sony Live 2018 on Tuesday!
So nice pictures from Sony Live 2018 on Tuesday!
WKND! Having a pretty amazing Saturday! Teaching three cl...
WKND! Having a pretty amazing Saturday! Teaching three cl...
TB to a summer night in July when we all dance around the...
TB to a summer night in July when we all dance around the...
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Stockholm is...
Night-club and party :
DSNT note
Stockholm is...
all my sex slaves graveyard
all my sex slaves graveyard
cheers sweden ????????
cheers sweden ????????


This is the coolest club in the Stockholm. Well I haven't been to every club in Stockholm, but I'm fairly confident in my assertion!

1. Arrive early to avoid the massive queue. We arrived at 11:30 and the queue was over an hour long.
2. Bring drinks (to have while waiting in the queue and to save money - very expensive inside).
3. Bring a jacket - most of the summer club is outside.
Review by Aly H.


We arrived at 8:20pm. One hour and 40 minutes should be long enough to get in before 10, we figured, and we would thus avoid the extra 50kr fee that is tacked on later in the evening.

Two hours later there were still more than a hundred people in front of us. We started joking about taking a shot each time someone said optimistically, "We're so close!" Of course, we didn't have any alcohol - a rookie mistake. Those who have languished in this line before know that you should bring snacks and booze. We had neither.

Then the rain began to fall. Only one in 200 people had an umbrella, it seemed - and the closest one was too far too shelter us, but close enough to poke me in the eye and make plump drops drizzle directly onto my head.

"It will be worth it," we mumbled, glaring at each person who tried to butt into the line with a little more bitterness each time.

We got in at midnight. It seemed like a miracle. We paid the 185kr fee and dashed in under the bridge, splashing through puddles.

How on earth could it be worth it? Who waits in line for 3 entire hours to pay 200kr and not even get a drink?

I have no idea. But it was. That's the magical thing about Trädgården.

Even now, I can't explain how it was worth it. But it was. My friend and I attended the closing night, thinking we had to be there for one last hurrah, as it was the last chance and neither of us had made it there earlier during the summer.

We had three hours in line and three hours in the club, and while the line dragged on, the hours inside flew by.

The music is decent - there are multiple dancefloors with distinct sounds and flavours. The hamburgers are remarkably tasty, though overpriced. Even a glass of wine can make a hipster's wallet burn a bit. The toilets resemble a campsite. The bar staff have a nonchalance bordering on rudeness.

And yet, it's awesome. It's something about the quirky decorations and the smiles on every single face. People always have a good time here. You get in the door, feeling oh-so-annoyed over the line, and yet your worries wash away. The atmosphere is unbeatable - you'll never find so many people having such a good time, casually but earnestly, rain or shine.

It's still a mystery to me what exactly makes Trädgården keep pulling me back. But I don't mind.
Review by Solveig R.


When I am not drunk and you are trying to fit more people in so therefore go on a rampage to kick as many people as you want accusing them to "be drunk" keep in mind the following:
Next time your bouncers want to kick me out they better not leave their HAND PRINT on my arm!
This is violence, uncalled for, physical harm, and possibly illegal. If we were in the US (and I so wish we were) you'd be totally sued.
You guys suck for a wannabe Berlin type of venue. I was enjoying my time here until I was physically harmed by your bouncers.
Review by Alexia R.


Without doubt one of Stockholm's best and most spectacular venues. Unless you know the right people, expect a queue so long it's inspired pop songs.

Picture of Alexandra Dahlström from last year.
Review by Adrian Ulander


Trädgården is under a bridge right next to Eriksdalsbadet in Skanstull, it gets pretty crowded even on weekdays so be there early.

I went there yesterday(wednesday) around 10pm and there was no line. We walk in and to our the delight there were alot people there already! The club is pretty much outdoor with little to no roof to protect you from the swedish summer, fortunate the weather was with us. There is many seats where ever you go, you can play pingpong and boule and you can even charge your phone for 19kr which is a brilliant idea!

They have three bars on the outside (they didn't open up the inside) one where you can by some food like burgers.

This all good but the place is to relaxed for me, I want people going crazy on the dancefloor when I go out and that is why I can't give it 4 stars! The price is pretty standard, it's a good place to start out the night but that's it!
Review by Christoffer F.


Was here at the premiere when the summer weather hit Stockholm by storm a few weeks back. Had to stand type 2 hours (!) in the queue, which of course is not optimal. Come in and think it was a cool place with nice atmosphere. Incredibly large, terribly crowded and lots of bars and food stalls. Good music and fun to meet a lot of people you know. The toilets leave a lot to be desired, however,
Review by Adam L.


People say that it is the best place and it is hard to disagree with. One of the few places where you can actually move around more than five meters with a beer in his hand.
Review by Fredrik J.


Amazing little club in Stockholm in a very unique style aswell as location, I visited with some friends, and my beautiful girl and we all had a blast.
Review by robin giss


One of the best underground clubs I have ever been. Lots of different rooms and decorations all over the place. You can also play ping-pong while drinking some beer. Different music in different rooms and also some places to eat if you are hungry. Prices are a bit expensive and there is also an entry fee around 150 SEK after 01 AM. Nonetheless it is usually free before 11 PM. Recommended to arrive early if you want to avoid huge lines.
Review by Joni Lourenco


This place is hidden under an over pass and might be one of the coolest clubs I've ever seen. Multiple rooms mean you can find the music you like. Plus ping pong, large patios, it's got everything. Go early though because the line can be long.
Review by Joseph Mancuso



Every year Stockholmers wait for Trädgården to open for the summer. Located under Skanstull Bridge on the edge of Södermalm, this is where you drink beer from plastic cups, dance all night, groove to live shows, and mix with the coolest hipsters in town. It’s an incredibly popular spot, sweaty and crowded – and about the best fun you can have if dancing the night away under the midnight sun gets your motor running.

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