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New Club Cocoon

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New Club Cocoon


Country: Belgium

City: Brussel

Address: Chau. de Louvain 42, 1210 Bruxelles, Belgium

Phone number: +32477413456


A warm, open-minded and friendly welcome. A clean club, a great atmosphere and for my part, great encounters. Looking forward to returning to this beautiful place.
Review by Ambre Tremiseaux


I have frequented this club many times over the years. Sometimes alone but most often in the presence of my partner. We have frequented other clubs but for us the cocoon is the best. You can receive a lot of people there but there is a very pleasant intimate atmosphere. On weekend evenings you have a quality hot and cold buffet and of course drinks at discretion. On other days, sandwiches or sometimes pizzas will allow you to eat. We have always found the cleanliness of the club to be far superior to that encountered in other clubs you have visited. In addition to that you will be welcomed by a divinely beautiful and extremely friendly boss and it is the same for all her team. If you are a real respectful libertine, you will spend exceptional moments there and maybe you will leave the club with friendly people meeting in the cocoon. It happened to us regularly to continue the evening with women, couples or men we met at the club.
Obviously with the covid it was complicated but the beautiful days are ahead of us. Keep it up Anna.
Just a suggestion. We are a male female and bi couple. Why not try to organize once a month or every two months an evening reserved for bi couples. I think it might work
Big hugs to the whole team
Review by Yves Rowet


I allow myself to respond to the comment from May Soft since I was there the day of her visit and I find her in very bad faith. First of all, today there were 3 very nice and smiling girls, we danced well together and no man was rude to me. I don't understand why you expected a refund when in any place of entertainment the entrance is not refunded just because "we didn't like it" .... if not you yourself did said you only stayed 3 min is that enough to judge the place??? I do not think so . I have frequented the club for a few years in the morning and it is always my number 1 choice, I feel safe and welcome there. I met incredible people at the cocoon, there are people from all walks of life
Review by Anonymous person


For almost 15 years that I have attended the club, I have seen managers pass by and the owner of today has been holding the club very well for 10 years. This is my favorite club when I come to Brussels, there is always a great atmosphere, the staff is really nice, it is clean and I regularly find my happiness there. I highly recommend the club
Review by Michele Clinckart


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