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CHAOS Lounge & Nightclub

/ CHAOS Lounge & Nightclub
CHAOS Lounge & Nightclub


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: Gedimino ave. 2a, Vilnius 01103, Litva

Phone number: +37067762117


As a person who likes to visit different places, I had one of the best experiences in this club. People who work as a security guards are friendly, understandable and even have a good sense of humor. Girls who work with coating system are kind. Usually we come with a big group of friends and give all of our jackets in one time to save some time, but we all get separate codes to our jackets, if you are nice and respectful to ask which coat is to which code they will explain and it is easier for everyone. Sometimes we go to them and ask to put our hoodies to our code and there have never been a problem or some kind of negative emotions that we are asking additional work from them. If you ask for a receipt you take back your jacket and enter again without paying additional 1 euro for hanging you coat again. Music is very different, you can hear from songs from 90s to modern songs, depends on the DJ. People who work behind the bar are friendly also. Yes, it takes some time to get your order, but they have to deal with many orders so just wait for your turn. If talking about the what it is the best time to visit CHAOS it is Friday or Saturday, since most of the younger audience goes there. Audience in there is very different from Erasmus stundents to local students or even people who are older. It gets crowded after the midnight,but for me it is a plus,since you can easily meet new people or just show of your dancing moves to a big crowd. If I could give 10 starts, I would do it,but now It is only 5/5
Review by Merve Esra Doğancı


Best place in town for students parties, i was in mirage but was very bad place, Chaos is much better and more people coming in, come here if you want have fun, don't go in mirage or tipsy, here is always full of students partying all night long, best place for lithuanian students and erassmus exchange students.
Review by Kevin kindly


Best place for student party and erassmuss, much better than mirage,  mirage very unprofessional and they only copying others theme parties, for students i suggest only chaos.
Review by Kevin Yang


The club has a good atmosphere and music, the bar works flawlessly, although it has a large flow of people. Most of all, I would like to praise bartender Diana, who is always noticed by a customer who wants to order a drink. Chears!
Review by Robertas Dikteriov


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