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John Dee Live Club & Pub

/ John Dee Live Club & Pub
John Dee Live Club & Pub


Country: Norway

City: Oslo

Address: Torggata 16, 0181 Oslo, Norway

Phone number: +4722203232


One of the best venues in Oslo, it's intimate, central, not bad acoustics and relatively easy to get around. Bars in both ends so you can easily get refreshed. The toilets are somewhat hidden and hard to reach during shows however, possibly since the entrance has been moved.
Still a great place to see up and coming artists.
Review by Stian Lie-Sveen

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Nice and cozy. Small venue. Very helpful staff. I had to go with crutches and they made sure everything was ready for me when I got there.
Review by Beatrice Thorstensen

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This is my favourite place to go when a band is in Norway. It's a small venue, so it's quite intimate and is at its best when it's not completely filled up. It's central in Oslo and they got everything you may need for drinking and snacks.
Review by Anders Nordli

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