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Neo Club Roma

/ Neo Club Roma
Neo Club Roma


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via degli Argonauti, 18, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +393311436444


Massimiliano is a seasoned professional, he knows how to treat a clubber!
The place is magical, the entrance in via libetta can make you think that it is just a nice cocktail bar, it is not so. Entering you are on the street floor and going downstairs you are in one of the places where the best music in Rome is played, a special place.
Never witnessed a fight, I only met smiling people. I recommend the whole area, hoping to be able to enjoy it without limitations but in particular I recommend the Neo Club!
Review by Marco Palmieri


Underground club in the Testaccio area! Excellent drinks and very special location !!! A crypt that offers excellent music and historical DJs of the house movement of the Italian scene and beyond. Staff always very helpful and affordable ... absolutely recommend it to anyone who is passionate about this genre! It also has a large parking area a few meters away. It is therefore confirmed as a place suitable for young and old! I have always been fascinated by the atmosphere of the location! Absolutely recommended!
Review by Mattia Bellucci


What about this place ... it's home !!!
A fairly spacious place for the whole family ... you feel at ease. With the always fabulous owners ready to make you spend a pleasant night between equally fabulous drinks and music.
Review by Antonio Russo


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