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Shilling's Night Club

/ Shilling's Night Club
Shilling's Night Club


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Via Paolo da Cannobio, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +39028693554


Finally a place in the center of Milan worthy of the best Swiss nightclubs, superior category entertainment shows, the girls all look like models, blond red brunettes are all there! Recommended for a classy bachelor party, the staff organizes everything perfectly.
We like it.
Review by Antonio Leggiero


The Good thing here is that all the girls are models..and the bad thing is that it's too expensive... It's not worth spending 300 Euro on a simple drink..and normally this is the base price...if you ignore the beer and one or two more drinks.
Review by Debasish Samal


Was told this place would be open on a Sunday from 10pm to 5am, make the effort to walk there from another bar only to find it completely closed. Update your opening times please. Super disappointed!
Review by Nally Silva


Friday night we call the restaurant, we ask for info and prices and despite a little hesitation due to the fact that we were women they give us the ok to go to the restaurant the following evening.
Yesterday we make the way to go to the club, therefore losing even of the precious time and once you arrive we are forbidden to enter, because "maybe it is not clear that local is this" shame that instead yes, we know exactly what kind of club it is and I don't have to explain to anyone how I want to spend my money.
In any case, thank you very much because in doing so, we chose another (splendid) place to leave our money and spent a wonderful night.
Review by Elena Sentina


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