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Jazz Cellar 11

/ Jazz Cellar 11
Jazz Cellar 11


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: Ausros Vartu st. 11, Vilnius 01304, Litva

Phone number: +37068411382


Every time I've visited this place - there's something new. Music is wonderful, atmosphere is vibrant and lively, people are lovely, service is amazing. It is a bit chic and not your every casual Friday, however this place is a must-visit for all live music and jazz fans.
Review by Justina Mieldažytė

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Was pleasantly surprised by this place yesterday, expected to have a chat with a nice background but ended up enjoying the music so much that we rarely talked throughout the performance. Kudos to Home Jazz Band.
Review by Anonymous person

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I visit this place regularly, and always music is great. As for the service, quick and high level. Wine is decent but overpriced, coffee was not too good, but for me it is more of a concert hall, not a bar or a restaurant.
Review by Krystsina Pilinko

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Great and cozy place, especially if someone is making live performance. Bar is small and usually crowded, so book table in advance.
They are not perfect, but have a good vibe!
Review by Evelina Snukiškienė

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