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Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 29, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone number: +4315352736


I went for some Hummus and a Greek salad and both of the dishes have been good, but not above the average. The quality of the ingredients was good, even tho the greed salad was cut in too small pieces.
Nevertheless, the service wasn’t really a thing since the worker wasn’t checking on me for a while.
The food arrived in an adequate time, but after that, it was like I got abandoned, which is kind of unpleasant, especially if you want to pay.
Apart from that, the all over rating was good if you want a quick snack, but it didn’t feel like spending a lot of time there is worth the value.
Review by Jannis Thümmig


I should’ve relied on the ratings of this local. Waited for 30 minutes for my meal, and when I wanted to pay the glass of wine I drank and leave, all of a sudden the food was on my table. Regular taste, grilled chicken was quite oily so I doubt it was really grilled.
The staff were more worried about talking to each other than attending people there.
Don’t even try.
Review by Caro Rejas


Even this one star is at least 2 too many!
I have never been treated in such a derogatory way. But it's not the only club in the area - we were even greeted in a friendly way at all the others - here you can apparently do without paying customers... under all sow!
It's the first time I've given a bad rating, but as I said, I've never experienced anything like it before
Review by Markus Brunner


Le Club should rather be called "New Istanbul" because only these compatriots are there and Europeans and others don't even come in or inside it is made clear to you that you shouldn't burst with "pushing, jostling, stupid comments, aggressive behavior"
Pure discrimination!!! cheek. Is it actually possible to report something like that!
Otherwise village club with a small dance floor
Review by Daria Callsen


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