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La Cartuja

La Cartuja


Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: C. de la Cruz, 10, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34683342827


Good place with good music. The entrance is not so expensive and it is usually crowded and the music is international.
Review by Enrique Alcaide

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Great place to listen to music with friends. There is an excellent access and capacity control, tables separated at a correct distance and good control. The music is very varied and the waiters are fast serving. Drinks prepared in a simple way. The decoration, very successful for the desired environment, as well as the lighting. Disco atmosphere, but without moving too much.
Review by Pedro Moreo Martínez

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I love the excellent service, the pleasant and friendly treatment of all the staff, I really like how the man from the hookah, the boy at the entrance, the waiters in general, all very good, I would return to repeat without a doubt, thanks to La Cartuja.
Review by Lurdes Maria

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I visited this pub a couple of months ago, in the afternoon, more or less from 6 to 11. I loved the atmosphere, the music and especially the DJ on Saturday and the treatment of this and waitresses. A great way to party and get home "early" to be on top the next day very early. We will definitely repeat!!!
Review by Maria Luisa Rodriguez

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Buzzy nightclub with a patterned-tile bar & an emphasis on reggaeton music, hosting themed nights.

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