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Twenty Two Night Club

/ Twenty Two Night Club
Twenty Two Night Club


Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Address: 22 Anne St S, Dublin, D02 CH94, Ireland

Phone number: +35317079899


Went out Friday night with my sister and her friend. It was my first time in the club and I found it brilliant.  Staff were all very lovely and accomedating , music was brilliant . Superb mix of cultures and people. Never noticed a bad vibe from anyone the whole night. Staff are friendly , drinks were good. Security were absolutely amazing. Take their job seriously and are very good at what they do.
5/5 recommend going for sure.
Review by Stevi Beach


Never had a bad experience here . It is a bit expensive but compared to other nightclubs you pay for what you get ! Fridays are amazing and with an older atmosphere you don’t get kids pushing into you at the bar dying for a drink . Loads of room to dance and the bar moves quick so you don’t wait in line for hours . Highly recommend!
Review by Jennifer Gherman


Definitely one of Dublin's best night clubs. We've run events here this year and it's always a great crowd who come for the music. The sound is great, plenty of dancefloor space as well as comfortable seating. The club definitely put plenty of effort into the overall production - great sound, lighting, CO2 cannons and entertainers etc to ensure a fantastic night out! Shame to see some negative comments here about the club's security staff as my experience with them has only been positive. Can't wait to return next year!
Review by Michael Boland


Great atmosphere, great food and service, excellent live music. A great place.
Review by Anonymous person


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