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Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Address: Melantrichova 504/5, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Phone number: +420776151517


This is the most beloved place where I go. It doesn't matter if it's day or night.
Because really good music, great drinks, friendly staff .. right in the heart of Prague. Absolutely YES
Review by Michaela Hostašová


Music was great, but there were a lot of weird rules. Upstairs min 300 czk was allowed to pay by card. Downstaits min 400 czk was allowed and after midnight bartender told that min card payment is changed  to 500 czk. Sitting places were mostly empty but when we decided to sit and  have some rest after dance, waitress told us if we don't order drink at that moment we are not allowed to sit.
Review by Mery Khamoyan


If you want to party there, book a table. The minimum spend is okey, the price of the bottle is normal but the price of the soft drinks is way too high. You can also order a shisha for a fare price. Most people there are men...
If you're a smoker, the security guys do not make it easy for you to get out and then back in...
As the other reviews... This is hilarious how the place is built so wrong, they really need to hire an architect or to find some common sense. The bar takes half of the space available in the club, therefore not much place to danse and reduced place at the VIP tables
Bottom line, come with a good group of friend, be ready to pay for a table and you might have fun
Review by Rémi Martin


Lots of bad things to say and little to no good things.
The floor is sticky, the place is very small for a club, music is trash most of the time,  the drinks are super expensive ( small pilsner beer is 90) and you cannot pay by card unless you are paying above 400.
Review by Anonymous person


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