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Mad Wallstreet AG

/ Mad Wallstreet AG
Mad Wallstreet AG


Country: Switzerland

City: Bern

Address: Parkterrasse 16, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Phone number: +41315343836


I spent a good evening here. The music is very good and varies enough to meet customer expectations. This club very well.
Review by Anja Amsel


A place to waste your money by drinking and paying a lot for your drinks. Furthermore you have to pay to get in. Go there early to get in for free as they give you their stamp. And if you like to dance to the music that everybody listens at the radio for weeks, then this is a good location. Stays open till very early in the morning.
Review by Benjamin Ellenberger


I'm thrilled with the club! Friendly staff, alcohol is not too expensive and the club is not overcrowded like in other places, I can recommend it to others.
Review by Adam Licina


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