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London Cabaret Club

/ London Cabaret Club
London Cabaret Club


Country: England

City: London

Address: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA, United Kingdom

Phone number: +442072420002


We loved the show!!! All performers were amazing, especially Vladimir!!!
Thank you guys for an amazing experience!
I can't say much about the food as I had only snacks.
I didn't like the cocktails at all. They were £17 and up and were below average. I would be happy to pay such a price for something amazing, but definitely not for what I had.
Review by Mike Suliks


Expectations Exceeded!
All I can say is that I got what I paid for and more
Food: Tasty, delicious and yummy. Not sure why some people reviewed the food as cold as we got it warm and fresh.
Ambience: I love how the lights are placed and the interiors lit. Everything looks so goregeous and flattering for the performance
Show: Holy smokes are the people talented! I had my eyes glued to the center stage. All of the performances we're done very professionally and as entertaining as possible. As the night goes on, each one got better and better.
If I could ask the men a favour, I'd ask them to leave some girls for the rest of us. My girlfriend had her jaw dropped the entire time. I'd let it go though as the women we're equally as gorgeous and talented that night.
Service: To our waitress that night 23/10 for table 24. Thank you for such a lovely evening. You were so nice and accommodating. You weren't joking that the show keeps getting better and better.
Review by Ray Palo


Absolutely brilliant night at the London Cabaret Club. Our host for the evening was Jonathan who ensured that we got everything we needed. Excellent service, attentive and made our birthday outing extra special -- give that man a raise!
Review by Petros Afshar


We went to the ‘All about Gatsby’ night and I can honestly say it was one of the best entertainment venues in London.
The singers, dancers and performers are all extremely talented and the vibe was impeccable. Would definitely recommend!!
Review by Francesca Carlino


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