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Spazio Novecento

/ Spazio Novecento
Spazio Novecento


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 26b, 00144 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +390654221107


Beautiful location, but people going there have no clue about techno raves. If you come from the German or British scene, you will be very disappointed with the Italian scene. Police man and cameras are usually there to supervise the dance floor and that makes you feel like you're in airport where a terroristic attack might just come. Great sound system though.
Review by Katy Puccio


It was really nice to spend some time there, in that wide open space having fun with the DJ and the 80's disco-music. The service has been great and also the food. There's an interesting view from the balcony on the EUR obelisk. I've not given 5 stars because it was such uncomfortable to eat my dinner without a sit.
Review by Julie Dorville


One of the best techno clubs in Rome. It hosts the greatest artists of the Techno genre. Unfortunately inadequate security. The checks at the entrance are done in the right way and the rods are seized better but they pass everything else. I, who work in the security field, have seen their inexperience. The prices are inflated a lot 1 drink very badly 10 € .. for the rest I went only to dance for which 4 stars deserve.
Review by Anonymous person


Very large event space, convenient enough to reach from the EUR Magliana metro.
The problem that being a single space does not lend itself to having an area for networking while the main event is in progress.
Review by Luigi de Costanzo


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