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Huset Under Bron

/ Huset Under Bron
Huset Under Bron


Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Hammarby Slussväg 2, 118 60 Södermalm, Sweden

Phone number: +4686442023


I just come for the house/techno room so my opinion will be on that room only. The DJs are great, the sound quality could be better but honestly that's the best I saw in Stockholm for the moment (better than Solidaritet). The alcohol is expensive but as everywhere in Stockholm.
Review by Gérard Devigne

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The indoor experience is not impressive. The dance floor is very small and sticky, the lighting is as minimal as it gets, everything is worn. The sound system is ok, the visitors are friendly, as is the staff. The great djs they occasionally book deserves better, and so do you. I imagine the summer outdoor experience to be better.
Review by Anonymous person

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It's a quintessential hip place
Girl playing ping pong with their shoes
Beautiful people hanging around
Lots of different area to explore
Great place in a nutshell
Review by Fabio Cabana

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