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Mazzor Night Club

/ Mazzor Night Club
Mazzor Night Club


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: T. Ševčenkos st. 16i, Vilnius 03111, Litva

Phone number: +37065550355


Content is below average, the head of the security is complete. He can't communicate, he kicked out a guy and a girl in front of me, when I asked why they kicked him out, he starts yelling as if he was stoned by something. He asked why you are yelling, why are you insulting so begins to break your hands, and when you cannot twist, again, pointing to the exit, he insults. 2a the rest of the security personnel are adequate people, the girls at the bar are also 5 balls. The evening is ruined without knowing the reason.
Review by Vitali Ulas


Terrible club, jack Daniels was counterfit  we paid 80 euros for the bottle drank only a small amount but would not refund or swap for another type of whisky that was fine, police advised us to take a sample but they would not let us leave with it. We sent inspection agency im.
Review by Ekaterina Klysko


Probably the best club in town! Stylish environment, staff super, pleasant, helpful and professional protection. A club where you feel safe. Well-equipped smoking area. Good contemporary Russian music. Thank you for a good evening. I recommend!
Review by Olia Strigo


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