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Del Diego Cocktail Bar

/ Del Diego Cocktail Bar
Del Diego Cocktail Bar


Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: C. de la Reina, 12, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34915233106


I would like to give it 5 stars but... Cocktails are good, a little bit too classic, bartenders are old school but solid and the place is straight from the nineties. May be too much light? May be the ambiance lacks something? Not sure, but try it! A nice bar for a drink before or after dinner. 4.30? Skip the house cocktail, though.
Review by Santiago Rueda


At first, I couldn’t understand why this bar was so highly rated. I walked in, saw the ordinary-looking bar and nearly walked out!
But then I ordered a vermut rosso, and it was perfect: just the right amount of ice, with an anchovy-filled olive, slightly dirty, beautifully herbaceous and with a perfectly extracted piece of orange rind.
What I also like about the place are the bar snacks. Their tortilla is superb — rivals the Bar Nestor (San Sebastián) tortilla in my book. They also were very generous with serving crackers and nuts, which only encourages you to stay longer.
Went twice with my partner during a 6-day trip to Madrid. Would definitely go back.
Review by Michael Son


i came here as another bar down the street was too packed and i saw this place through the windows was empty. i ordered a mixed drink with "Ginebra" and was pleased. there is a team effort here when creating the drink and you're able to see that almost immediately. they provide little bites to munch on while enjoying their beverages. theres no real "wow" factor aside from the real good cocktail mixture
Review by Fernando Ramirez


Good experience here: menu was very clear and offered a ton of options. Service very quick, we enjoyed the €8 Gin Tonic the most here and would also recommend that one.
The ambiance is fine, we were here at 19:00 covid time so it was quite empty but that means.... Very fast service!
They also offer some little snacks like peanuts.
Review by Anonymous person



Carefully mixed cocktails, gin & small plates at a sleek bar with stone columns & a high ceiling.

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