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Construction Lisbon

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Construction Lisbon


Country: Portugal

City: Lisbon

Address: Av. Infante Dom Henrique armazem 3, 1950-406 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone number: +351213428971


Happiness is what rules in this club! Good music , always with good animation dancers. The club is divided in 3 areas , very well decorated. Led screens on the dancefloor are amazing.
Review by Mónica Túlio


I hoped I would get the chance to dance the night I went there, however that was not the case. You don't get the chance to express yourself on house electronic sh**; you merely repeat the same moves over and over again like a monkey. It wasn't until it got crowded that I realized that the fellows of my community were there HUNTING. Dark room available as well know the rest of the story. Separate, well ventilated area for smokers available.
Review by Cristian-Dan Isăcescu


Great gay club! But on the new years eve, its a lack of respect to keep the people waiting ONE hour for the wardrobe. Management: dozens of people waiting with the coat on their hands don't spend their money at the bar!  Instead of having six hot dancers,  perhaps you could have one more hot guy half naked helping with the wardrobe?  This would show respect and consideration to the costumers!
Review by Estorbo Scopia


Great club, a spot for a fun night out. Staff quite friendly. Nice dance floor with walls of leds. Different spaces. Congratulations on the continuity and for giving us different nights.
Review by Carlos Messias


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