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Teatro Cubano Warsaw

/ Teatro Cubano Warsaw
Teatro Cubano Warsaw


Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Address: Aleksandra Fredry 6, 00-097 Warszawa, Poland

Phone number: +48538194494


Best Experience ever. No Racism, No random Bullying, No Rudeness. Instead they were inviting and polite. Best Place to Party in Warsaw. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Thank You Club Cubano.
Review by Harshit Verma


Best club we've been to in a weekend of visiting 7 or 8 clubs in warsaw. 50 zloty seems to get you past the line, normal entrance seems to be 20. 2 large dance floors, the massive one in front playing Latin styled music, the other one party house and a bit of other stuff. Massively crowded but huge fun, people aging from 20ish to 40ish average I'd say around 30. Friendly crowd, decent drink prices, no posh door policy, absolutely recommend!
Review by Günter Deutsch


A good club, with a little latin vibe. There are 2 dance floors, one downstairs and one near the entrance. If you don't smoke i prefer you staying on the top dance floor, cause the bottom will be full of smokers and all. Was a good experience. Staffs were also friendly.
Review by Anandha Krishnan


Nice club with latin music, with several dance areas. The place is located in great area and building. People rather relaxed & friendly, all kind of ages & everyone enjoying themselves dancing.
Keep it in mind that weekends can turn veryyy crowded.
Review by Izabela Laura


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