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Greenwood bar

/ Greenwood bar
Greenwood bar


Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Address: Krāmu iela 3, Jaunielas puse, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Phone number: +37126438318


Soo friendly and welcoming staff. You can play the music you like at their laptop. So its up to you if its a rock, folk, grunge or techno bar.
Review by Marian Spoiala


I've been going to this place for many many years now and it never disappointed. The bartenders are always friendly and welcoming, there's always someone to meet or something to do here. One of the only bars that has a dedicated smoking area in the old town of Riga.
Review by Peter Pcholkin


Not a glamorous place. Dancefloor not big, but can dance! Drinks for an amazing price, maybe one of best in Riga. Nice music taste, very diverse! Almost always can find a table were to sit down between the songs.
Review by Edgars Caics


Best bar in Riga.
Cheapest prices very good beer nice service. The music is suitable and the location is very central in a cute alley in the city.
Review by Anastasija Dortujola


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